“So it must be done! Our works must not only aim at the present but at the future, not only for ourselves, but for our descendants. And then the descendants, even far away, will take a little oil from the olive trees that we have planted … “

Giosuè Carducci

Welcome to our organic farm house, Aquilone, a land setted on smooth hills of Maremma, kissed by the sun of Tuscany and caressed by the sea of Silver Coast.

Aquilone borns from passion for an ancient knowledge and from the great lovefor our country, the homeland of extra virgin olive oil. Between olive threes e fields of gold wheat, all the heritage of a story of farmers who worked beacause this land could go on on giving her wonderful fruits. Heritage we take today, with responsability and enthusiasm of creating new productions, worthy od tradiction. Aquilone works with eyes fixed to environment protection, using natural cultivation techniques and green energy.

We offer you our time, our commitment and a family context where kindness and welcome will be the frame of your stay in this unique and fabulous place, our little corner of peace, where you can listen to the sound of silence and where you can taste the flavor of slow rhytm, of memory and of beauty.

The Severi’s